As an organization we take a lot of pride in our Delivery - we are committed to deliver on your expectations. Big Bevy partners with you in reaching out to the right candidate based on your HR needs. We are able to get you to the right resource in a short turnaround time. We specialize in

Customer Benefits


You set the expectations – We will meet your criteria. The effort, process, follow-up is our responsibility. We take pride in delivering it consistently.

Turn-Around Time

We understand your sense of urgency. Your priority is our objective. We will meet your expectations.

Mitigate Risk

We provide insight into candidate’s background. Provide links, references from social media and professional networks. We lay it out for your decision making.


We identify the right candidate for your Technology needs – across US to a specific location. Our team is on your task until we close-in on your ideal candidate.

Pricing Model

We maintain transparency – Always ready for volume & repeat business. Together we grow is our motto.



Be it the most widely used technologies or Niche ones - We serve you


A fair deal for the Company as well as the Candidate to see if it is working.

Direct Hire

We will get you the best fit candidate. Be it reaching out to active candidates or passive ones through the social and professional networks.


Your organization need may only be few hours a day, week or month.

Remote Services

Getting the best value for your money. Off-site or Off-shore services, we like being effective with delivery of your work. With our available pool of talent we are confident of meeting and exceeding your criteria.