Big Bevy is into developing accelerators in the area of Business Intelligence / Data Warehouse

Rapid Analytics (Ra.One)

Business Intelligence Department of small to large enterprises spend Millions of Dollars in delivering Reporting & Dashboard Solutions. However, we do not have insight into what information was accessed and when it was last accessed. Rapid Analytics will provide you the reports that may quantify your efforts to take your Business Intelligence to the next level. This is your tool to go back to your stake holders and show the contribution of BI to the Organizations Revenues.

Security Accelerator

The basis for your Business Intelligence Enterprise applications is Security. With our Security Accelerator we would be able to cut down your time for building your Security Model by 50-60%. The content matrix available in our Security Model Templates will ensure that you didn’t miss a trick in Securing your Enterprise.

Customization of BI using SDK

Enhancing capabilities of your Organization’s Business Intelligence Tool is a not a child’s play. We present ourselves for any of the Consulting Opportunities that may challenge you. A core team of individuals is ready to understand your need and translate them into results.